Situation : le XVIème arrondissement

Luxury Parisian palaces have always favoured the sixteenth arrondissement.104 Poincaré is just a step away from the Place de l’Etoile, Avenue Foch and Champs-Elysées, the most beautiful avenue in the world. The Bois de Boulogne, with its lake and its numerous walking and cycling tracks, makes the sixteenth arrondissement the greenest area of Paris. Place Victor Hugo is well-known for its exquisite way of life.
The sixteenth arrondissement is not just a place to live - it is a real style of life..


With its exceptional location, 104 Poincaré is the ultimate expression of French luxury. Like a perfume or a piece of jewellery, this is a precious, charming object in a prestigious setting, i.e. the north of the sixteenth arrondissement in Paris.

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Une Histoire

When in 1880, the famous Count Pillet-Will - a visionary financier, Director of the Bank of France and owner of the prestigious Château-Margaux estate - had this building constructed, he ensured that one of its essential values was “nobleness” as seen in the free stone, the immense volumes, majestic porch, etc. More than a century after its inauguration, the elegant sobriety of 104 Poincaré asserts the permanency of this style, i.e. nineteenth century Parisian refinement.

Un Style

Renovation work on the outside facade, together with improvements to the spacious common areas, have made the building an excellent and prestigious place of reception. 104 Poincaré is now one of the finest reception venues in Paris. It combines quality of life and beauty.

Des Volumes Exceptionnels

In such a prestigious and coveted town as Paris, space has become the ultimate luxury. As soon as you enter the hall of 104 Poincaré, with its traditional paving, the height of the columns sets the tone. At the foot of the large white marble staircases, the ground floor gives an overall view of the interior architecture which is both spacious and majestic. On the ground floor, as well as on each floor, one or two apartments of over three hundred square meters attest to the space and volume specified by Count Pillet-Will. The architects' renovation work, carried out in keeping with the traditional style of the building, has now enhanced these specifications.

Suggestions D'Aménagement

Ground floor
Ground floor
Professional use – street side
Ground floor
Professional use – courtyard side

Noblesse des Matériaux

Elegance is in the details and 104 Poincaré offers a host of extremely refined details. Delicately forged door handles, high-quality wooden French parquets, the pureness of the Haussmann facade, sculpted ornaments on the balconies, the sophisticated graphic quality of the high windows and the majestic curves of the staircases – everything comes together harmoniously to create an exceptional building.

Un Artisanat Précieux

France has always preserved the ancestral know-how of its craftsmen: perfumers, saddlers, watchmakers, jewellers, but also stone-cutters, ornamental metal workers, upholsterers, etc. The renovations carried out at 104 Poincaré called upon the excellence of each trade to revive the original splendour of the marble, to recover the grandeur of the monumental staircases, to restore the building traditional lifts, etc.


The security of the occupants at 104 Poincaré is a top priority. As well as a caretaker who lives in the building, latest-generation systems have been implemented to control access and ensure optimal protection for everyone. Caretaking, detectors, alarms, 24-hour video-surveillance, direct and permanent liaisons with the security station, etc. All these solutions ensure peace of mind and well-being.


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    Ground floor2/721383
    • High ceilings dispatched on two levels (Raised ground floor: 330 sqm + souplex: 53 sqm)
    • 4m height ceilings.
    • 2 independent and splittable front doors.
    • Perfect for professional use.
    • Accessibility for the Disabled.
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    • Development to be carried out
    • Parquet floors, mouldings, height under ceiling
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    • In good condition.
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    • Standing renovation
    • Double living/dining room, separate kitchen, 3 bedrooms with private bathroom, dressing, storage spaces, including 1 master bedroom
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